Breast size does matter

Breast size does matter

Where comfort, shape and health are concerned breast size does matter.

If you feel your breasts are too large, a breast reduction with Dr Lisa Friederich may be a solution. Breast size not only has an effect on a woman’s physical appearance but also has implications on their health and comfort. Disproportionately large breasts can cause strain and pain to the back neck and shoulders limiting the range of pain-free motion and interfering with daily life.

The choice to undergo breast reduction surgery is a very personal one. Dr Lisa Friederich is a female surgeon who understands the challenges faced by women first hand and has the expertise to help other women reach their body goals and achieve the level of comfort they hope for.

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Are you a candidate?

There is no objective ‘right size’ for breasts – beautiful breasts come in all shapes and sizes. The right size is relative to each woman’s comfort, body shape and personal preference. Women who are candidates for breast reduction surgery are those who feel their breasts are too large and disproportionate to their body. For many patients, their breasts cause them physical discomfort, including shoulder, back and neck pain.

Typically, candidates for breast reduction are women who have fully developed breasts and do not foresee breastfeeding in their future as this surgery may affect your ability to breastfeed. For this reason, it is important to consider your general health before undergoing surgery as well as your future plans.

A thorough consultation with Dr Lisa will involve discussing these factors in-depth. She will also work closely with you to ensure that you are making an informed decision moving forward.

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How does a breast reduction work?

Breast reduction is a surgical procedure which requires a general anaesthetic or another form of sedation. Firstly, Dr Lisa will make the pre-determined incision and remove the fatty, glandular tissue from the breasts.

The incision technique will be made based on your surgical desires you are having as well as the size of your breasts, this will be discussed before the procedure during the consultation phase with your surgeon. From the predetermined incision fatty and glandular tissue is removed from the breast reducing its size and weight.

After the breast has been reduced your surgeon may shape and reposition the breast giving you a bit of a lift so that the breast looks shapely and natural.

Life after a breast reduction

The results of a breast reduction are immediately visible even before recovery where the swelling and bruising go down.

After major surgery, your activities may be limited but after healing and recovery, which takes between two and six weeks, many women report being able to participate in more physical activity without the extra weight and discomfort of large breasts and find the pain in the neck, back and shoulders relieved.

Breast Reduction In Sydney

Choosing a plastic surgeon is not easy; checking the qualifications of your surgeon is not enough. When selecting a surgeon, you should ensure that you can trust your Dr completely, speak openly about your surgery but most importantly feel that they here and understand you.

As a female plastic surgeon, Dr Lisa understands the complex feelings women have about their bodies. In a warm an open environment Dr Lisa encourages her patients to speak freely and openly about their concerns and their expectations from the surgery so as to achieve the best results for each individual patient.