What are the benefits of a mummy makeover?

What are the benefits of a mummy makeover?

There are various reasons why a woman might consider a mummy makeover.

Dr Lisa Friedrich offers a range of treatments to her Sydney patients to reverse the effects of weight-loss, ageing and pregnancy. Whether you want to shape and tone your figure or to restore your pre-pregnancy body with mummy makeover treatments, we will tailor a plan to suit your unique needs.

What Is A Mummy Makeover?

Mummy makeovers use a variety of treatments to sculpt and tone your body to reach your desired goals. Mummy makeovers will usually include a combination of liposuction, tummy tuck and breast augmentation, lift and reductions. The two areas most affected by breastfeeding and childbirth are the shape of the breast and the abdominal contour. It is these areas that contribute most significantly to the shape of your body and when they are addressed can make a vast improvement to your silhouette.

The Mummy Makeover Procedure

After pregnancy, breastfeeding and significant weight-loss, breasts can often become lacklustre and begin to sag. One of the ways that we can correct the contours of the breast is to increase their volume using breast implants. Should your breasts sag heavily we can perform a breast lift or mastopexy procedure that will restore the upper pole fullness and manoeuvre the nipple into a higher position.

Dr Lisa can perform both breast augmentation and a breast lift together as part of a treatment known as augmentation mastopexy which can transform the volume of your breasts and to reposition the nipple to an ideal area.

Childbirth can be one of the most beautiful things that a woman experiences, but it does have a major effect on the abdominal contour as well as the residual abdominal muscle separation. Unfortunately, even with regular exercise, this residual abdominal tissue paired with an element of muscle separation will persist. Traditionally, we would make use of a tummy tuck or liposuction to aid in the removal of the stubborn fat that is the result of pregnancy weight. A tummy tuck as part of a mummy makeover removes the excess skin and fat from the abdomen while also addressing the muscle separation that has taken place. Liposuction is concerned with the removal of fat in the stomach, abdomen, thighs, arms and chin.

Recovery from a Mummy Makeover Procedure

After your mummy makeover treatment, it is important that you give your body the time it needs to fully recover. Directly after your treatment you will spend about three to five days in the hospital for observation. The day following your surgery should see you able to walk and to carry out your daily routines over the course of the next two weeks. Once you have been discharged from hospital you will come back to the clinic for evaluation and to make sure that everything has gone according to plan.

It is normal that you will experience some bruising where the incisions have been made, (in this case the breasts and abdominal area) which will usually go down over two weeks. After three weeks you should be ready to go back to work and we urge you not to drive before two weeks have passed after your surgery. We also urge you to stay away from any strenuous activity for at least four weeks after treatment to minimise any bruising, swelling or potential bleeding.

A Mummy Makeover from Dr Lisa Friederich

The decision to have any surgery is never an easy one and Dr Lisa will ensure your total comfort and peace of mind before and after your mummy makeover.

Dr Friedrich is passionate about providing a platform for her patients, both women and men, to present the best possible version of themselves. A highly educated surgeon, Dr Friedrich offers a comprehensive range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries that we hope will exceed your expectations and to do so in a compassionate, caring and professional manner.

We understand that every case is unique, and we treat all our patients with the necessary compassion and care. Should you wish to make an appointment for our mummy makeover treatment or want to download our mummy makeover surgery guide, please click here.