Labiaplasty and Vaginal Rejuvenation Sydney

In recent times, labiaplasty is something which has received a lot of media attention, some of it quite negative. When it’s referred to in a somewhat negative connotation, with names such as ‘designer vagina’ being thrown around, there’s little wonder a lot of women are confused as to what is involved in this surgery.

Unlike the hype would suggest, labiaplasty is not simply a procedure to make a woman’s vulva more attractive. In fact, this surgery can be life-changing for women who may have suffered a lifetime of discomfort caused by an enlarged or elongated labia, or women who may have suffered a deformity as a result of child birth.

Your labiaplasty journey

Labiaplasty may be able to:

  • Correct deformities or scars caused by childbirth or accidents
  • Reduce the size of, or even remove the labia minora
  • Increase sexual pleasure and intimate relationships
  • Create symmetry between the vaginal “lips”

As a female plastic surgeon, Dr Lisa Friederich approaches all her patients with compassion and understanding of their circumstances and needs. At your initial consultation, she will take the time to discuss your goals and concerns with you so she can fully understand your reasons for seeking this surgery. She will also conduct a physical examination, and advise you of the best course of action to help you achieve your desired outcomes. At no point should you feel at all embarrassed or shy about this procedure, or of asking Dr Lisa any questions you may have about it. Dr Lisa is passionate about empowering women to become the best possible version of themselves, and is pleased to be able to provide women with the support and expertise they need if surgery is a stepping stone to this.

Labiaplasty FAQs

The length of time required to complete your labiaplasty will depend on the exact procedure required. Dr Lisa will be able to advise you of this at your consultation.

Any scarring which may remain after labiaplasty is generally very hard to detect, and should soften and fade with time. Dr Lisa makes every effort to ensure any scars are as inconspicuous as possible.

This procedure is performed as a day surgery, and you will be able to return home after you are discharged. Most patients find they are ready to return to work within about a week following their labiaplasty procedure. It should be noted that you will need to take care going to the toilet until such time as your wounds are properly healed, and you should abstain from intercourse for about 30 days following the surgery.

No. Just like our fingerprints, every woman’s labia is different, and the approach which will be required to address your needs will differ too. Dr Lisa Friederich will be there with you for every step of your labiaplasty journey, so you can feel comfortable and confident in your choice, and your healing afterwards.

If you would like to request a labiaplasty consultation with Dr Lisa Friederich, or to find out more about this procedure, contact us today.