Breast reduction and lift surgery

Breast Reduction and Lift Sydney

Breast reduction and lift surgery performed by a female plastic surgeon in Sydney.

Large, oversized breasts can cause a lot of emotional and physical discomfort for patients. There is a constant struggle to buy bras and tops a size or two bigger to accommodate a larger bust.

While some may consider this procedure to be cosmetic, the overall health and functional benefits of having this procedure performed are significant. Most women get early and significant relief from their years of back, neck and shoulder pain. Exercise becomes possible while bras and clothes are easier to fit into, which is a huge relief for most patients who are restricted to such physical activity due to their large bust.

What is a beast reduction and lift surgery?

A combined breast reduction and lift surgery, performed by Dr Lisa Friederich is designed to create a shape and size that compliments your figure. This can allow patients to have a firmer, more youthful looking bust as well as be able to participate in physical exercise in comfort.

Am I a candidate for breast reduction and lift?

The size and shape of a woman’s breasts can conjure up a mix of emotions. While some women are happy with the size of their breasts, many suffer from various concerns health concerns and discomfort, such as neck, shoulder and lower back pain. Having a fuller bust can also affect your posture and may lead to problems with your spine and health concerns later in life.

There are certain medical conditions that can cause abnormally large breasts, and result in debilitating pain or worse still, serious health concerns.

Post childbirth there are changes to your breasts that are irreversible. While sports or support bras offer a short term solution, many women desire more permanent relief.

If you’re looking for a more youthful, perky breast shape and to relieve the discomfort associated with large breasts, a combined breast reduction and lift may be the right option for you. Start your journey with a one-on-one consultation with Dr Lisa in Sydney.

Free breast reduction and lift guide

Learn more about how a breast reduction and lift can help you in our comprehensive breast reduction and lift guide. This guide provides an insight into the procedures and will have all your questions answered.


What to expect after breast reduction and lift

A combined breast reduction and lift is a surgical procedure to decrease the size of your breasts whilst also lifting them to reveal a firmer, fuller and more youthful looking bust.

What are the complications of this procedure?

As with any surgery, unfortunately, the possibility of risks and complications arising are something to take note of.  Dr Friederich will take the time to discuss these with you. These are some considerations patients should keep in mind:

  • Dr Friederich will try to minimise scarring
  • Pain, swelling and bruising will go down after some time
  • Results to your contour and shape may take up to 2 weeks.

Recovery after breast reduction and lift

After breast reduction and lift surgery you will be required to wear a support bra or elastic bandage for support. This may also help to combat inflammation reducing the pain and swelling. You may be provided with a prescription for pain relief medication. It may also be necessary to have a drain inserted to remove excess fluid and blood from the wound which will be removed on the follow-up appointment with Dr Lisa.

Our team will be there throughout your post-operative stage to ensure your recovery is of the highest standards.

Female Breast Surgeon Sydney

Some patients may be more comfortable discussing breast enhancement surgery with a female plastic surgeon who has a better understanding of the female body, therefore being more empathetic to the situation. Dr Lisa is a highly sought-after and experienced female plastic surgeon in Sydney.

Deciding on something as big as breast reduction and lift surgery is a very personal matter. It is not a decision someone makes lightly. It is important you have a supportive surgeon who can guide you along the way.

For more information about this combination procedure or to request a personalised consultation, please contact Dr Lisa today.