Male Breast Reduction

Male Breast Reduction Surgery Sydney

Gynaecomastia, or “man boobs” is a condition which can affect men of any age and walk of life. There are a range of causes of this condition including hormonal imbalances, certain diseases, and even some drugs and medications.

When this condition occurs in teenage males it is generally as a result of hormonal changes, and will often resolve itself. However, in older males, this is not always the case.

Dr Lisa Friederich understands the impact this can have on a male, and offers male breast reduction surgery to help you reclaim a more masculine silhouette.

Your male breast reduction journey

Dr Lisa Friederich can employ several different techniques to help you address this concern; the technique she suggests will be based on her assessment of your unique circumstances. At your initial consultation, Dr Lisa will assess your medical history and physiology to identify the cause of your gynaecomastia before she recommends a plan to help you achieve the outcome you desire.

Options for treating “man boobs” include:

  • Liposuction
  • Excision of glandular tissue

It should be noted that in some cases, men who are overweight may appear to have this condition, when it is actually simply an excess of fatty tissue. If you are currently overweight and are planning to lose weight, you may be best to wait until after you have completed your weight loss surgery to consider undergoing this surgery; depending on the amount of weight you have to lose, you may also require further surgery to remove other loose skin at the same time.

As a female plastic surgeon, Dr Lisa Friederich is highly compassionate, and will treat you with respect and understanding during your journey. Your privacy will be respected at all times.

Gynaecomastia FAQs

The time required to complete male breast reduction is heavily dependent on the treatment plan decided on by you and Dr Lisa. She will be able to advise you of this based on your unique plan.

Any surgery which involves an incision in the skin will generally leave a scar. If it is possible to complete your procedure through liposuction alone, you should only have very small scars from the incisions to insert the cannula. However, should tissue removal be required, the scars will be larger. You should rest assured that Dr Lisa Friederich will make every effort to ensure any scarring left from your procedure is as minimal as possible. Scarring should also fade with time.

Again this will depend on the treatment decided upon by you and Dr Lisa. However, in general, you should be able to return to work about one week after you procedure, and more vigorous activities a few weeks later.

No. Dr Lisa will assess your unique circumstances and goals before recommending a tailored treatment plan to best meet your desired outcomes.