Lip Lift

As we age, or due to our genetics, the portion of our upper lips underneath the nose tends to get longer, flatter and contour-less.

This can give both men and women an aged look. This lack of contour is often due to the progressive loss of collagen and elastin in the peri-oral skin, which results in the destruction of those characteristic youthful lip contours referred to as The Cupid’s Bow and Philtral Columns.

A lip lift can reshape and re-plump your lips, making the pink border, known as the vermilion border, more prominent. By lifting this particular area of the lips, Dr Lisa Friederich can give you fuller looking lips and enhance your smile.

What is involved in a lip lift?

Lip lift surgery usually takes around 90 minutes to complete and is performed under a local anaesthetic. Dr Lisa Friederich will remove around three to four millimetres of carefully marked upper lip skin just beneath the nose. This will essentially shorten the distance between the nose and the lip border to give the illusion of a gentle pout.

Like other surgeries, the scar will be hidden carefully and will be virtually invisible.

What is the recovery from a lip lift like?

As soon as Dr Lisa Friederich is finished your surgery you are able to go home. Recovery time for a lip lift is relatively short and you may shower and apply makeup 24 hours after surgery. Your lips might be slightly swollen from day two but should completely disappear after a week.

You may return to work three to four days after surgery, but you will still be swollen, and your mouth will still feel tight for the first few weeks.

Who will benefit from a lip lift?

Men and women of all ages can benefit from lip lift surgery. Some patients are born with a long space above their lips while others acquire this look with age.

If your lips are not as full as you would like, and you have a long space above your lip, you will likely benefit from this procedure. Patients in their 20’s undergo this procedure with great results as do patients in their 60’s.

Dr Lisa Friederich also sees a lot of younger patients who often end up with ‘duck lips’ after lip filler injections. These patients see a vast improvement after undergoing this procedure.

 Am I a candidate for a lip lift?

The most suitable candidates for a lip lift by Dr Lisa Friederich are patients who have:

  • A desire for more permanent results than injectable fillers
  • Lips that have become thin, inverted, shapeless or sag with age
  • Naturally thin, inverted or flat lips that can cause an angry expression
  • Had other facial surgeries and want their lips to match the rest of their face
  • Undergone a rhinoplasty and their upper lip is too long or too far away from the nose

To request a lip lift surgery consultation with Dr Lisa, or for further information about this procedure, please do not hesitate to contact us.